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111F Beginning Japanese

111F Beginning Japanese (LLC Login Required) ODU on iTunes U

212 Intermediate Japanese (LLC Login Required) ODU on iTunes U

250 Kanji I

311 Advanced Japanese Language and Culture I

312 Advanced Japanese Language and Culture II

395 Advanced Japanese Language and Culture III

396 Topics

495 Advanced Japanese Language & Culture IV


Japanese Films in the LLC

Eijanaika. Dir. Shohei Imamura. 1981.
Kagemusha. Dir. Akira Kurosawa. 1980.
Kiki's Delivery Service.
Kwaidan. Dir. Masaki Kobayashi. 1964.
Minbo-Or the Gentle Art of Japanese Extortion. Dir. Juzo Itami. 1994.
Rashomon. Dir. Akira Kurosawa. 1951.
Rikyu. Dir. Hiroshi Teshigahara. 1990.
Seven Samurai. Dir. Akira Kurosawa. 1954.
Tampopo. Dir. Juzo Itami. 1987.

Basic Japanese by Video.
Canyon Word Cannon Word Processor. User Video Guide.
Causatives/Causative - Passives, Japanese Structural Drills.
Culture of Japan: Observing Every Day Customs/Lifestyles. Chapters 5-6. missing
Professor Suzuki; How Are You? Chapter 5. missing
Your Japanese is Good! Chapter 6. missing
Culture of Japan. Chapters 7-8.
Culture of Japan. Chapters 9-10.
Contemporary Business Japanese. missing
Honorific Expressions 1 (Honorifics)
Honorific Expressions 2 (use of honorific language in real situations)
Interactive Japanese, Review Tape.
Japanese 112 Spring Semester Skit Video
Japanese 212 Debate, Spring 1994.
Japanese 495 Interview.
Japanese for Busy People #1.
Japanese for Busy People #2.
Japanese in the Spoken Language.
Japanese Version. missing
Language and People. missing
Language and People All in a Day's Work. missing
Language and People & All in the Family. missing
Passive/Causative Passive Japanese 395.
Sazae-San Video (cartoon).
Video Letters from Japan.

SCOLA (Satellite Communications for Learning)

Japanese Studies at ODU


The Agency for Cultural Affairs

Jim Breen's Japanese-English Dictionary Server

Kanji Gold

Java Kanji Flash Cards 500

Japanese Writing Tutor

The LangMedia Collection


Kanji Wiki

This site, hosted by the Center for Technology-Enhanced Language Learning and Instruction at Perdue University, is designed to be a place where students and teachers can submit their ideas and original mnemonic stories for remembering kanji.