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101/102F Beginning French I and II: Points de départ, 2e

201/202 Intermediate French I & II with ODU on iTunesU (Personnages 4e)

311U Communicative Competence: Speaking & Listening

415/515 Applied Phonetics

Le Chemin du Retour


French Club

French Films in the LLC

French in Action

Syst�me-D 4.0 CD-ROM: Writing Assistant for French (CD-ROM)



French Literature Website:

This website lists French authors since the 16th century.  For each author it lists their works and has summaries of many of the works.  The site also features interviews with contemorary authors as well as other literature-related links.

French Culture Resource:

Frenchculture.org is a website provided by the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the United States.  The organization promotes the best of French arts, literature, and education to cultural and academic institutions across the US, with a strong focus on the contemporary.  The website features short articles about art, books, cinema, education, music, performing arts, and TV and radio.

Exploring French Art:

Decod'Art is a French-Language magazine website that guides visitors through a gallery of French art, as it explains, compares, and analyzes the works.  There is also a quiz that can be taken at the end. 

Professional Organizations:


Online French Course:

The "London Speaks French" site includes online lessons in general French and business French as well as a French tutor online.


Tex's French Grammar:

This website was originally created for students at the University of Texas at Austin as a guide to French grammar, but it also is about " the epic love story of Tex and Tammy, two star-struck armadillos," and includes Bette the kitten, a French snail named Edouard, a Texas squirrel named Jim-Bob, and a cockroach named Corey.