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111F Beginning Chinese I

212 Intermediate Chinese II

311 Advanced Chinese Language/Culture I

312 Advanced Chinese Language/Culture II



Chinese Films in the LLC

The Assassin.
Breaking With Old Ideas.  Dir. Li Wen-Hua.  1975

Studying Chinese in Taiwan.
Doing Business With China.
The Spring Festival (ODU Academic Television Series).
Chinese Instruments and Music.
China: World of Difference.
Magic Whip.


China Basic Education:

The China Basic Education site, from the Ministry of Basic Education Curriculum Development and Research at Beijing Normal University, offers lessons in languages, mathematics, physics, chemistry, and geography.  There is also a section of political lessons which, it should be noted, reflects ideas from China's communist system. 

In addition to a word dictionary and a character dictionary, the MDBG website also offers tools such as flashcards, quizzes, and text annotation.