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111F Beginning Arabic I 

112F Beginning Arabic II




Arab Academy: Learning Arabic Online

Syrian Colloquial Arabic Course (Free)


The LangMedia Collection 

National Middle East Language Resource Center

Useful Arabic:

The Cafe-Syria site includes a list of links to Arabic words, phrases, places, and other important things to know about the Arabic language.

Online Arabic Course:

This site has been designed to teach English-speaking students the Arabic language, inspired by the Madinah Book Series by Dr. V. Abdur Rahim which is used by Madinah University.  This course has been designed to be a comprehensive set of lessons for the teaching of reading, speaking, and writing Arabic.  The website also features a discussion forum about Arabic.

Arabic Without Walls: Welcome to العربيّة بلا حدود, an introductory distance-learning Arabic course funded by FIPSE (P116B030526) and developed by the UC Consortium for Language Learning & Teaching, The National Middle East Language Resource Center at Brigham Young University and Near Eastern Studies Department at UC Berkeley.

Arabic Calligraphy:

In addition to the four lessons on reading and writing Arabic featured on this site, there is also information about styles of Arabic calligraphy, examples of calligraphic art, and links to articles about Arabic calligraphy.