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About the LLC   

Mission Statement

Equipment & Resources

Center Initiatives

Policies & Procedures

 Mission Statement

It is the goal of the Language Learning Center to serve the needs of faculty, students and the Hampton Roads community in promoting the study of foreign languages offered at Old Dominion University through the use of technology enhanced methods and materials. The Center has been an integral part of the Foreign Languages and Literatures Department in the College of Arts and Letters since its inception in 1992. Serving over 1,200 students each semester, the Center is committed to instructional technology for foreign language learning and quality instruction.

 Equipment & Resources

  • 30-station teaching and resource center
    • 15-station mediated teaching center
    • 13-station resource center
    • faculty work station
    • student worker station
  • SANAKO Language Learning System
  • Tell Me More software by Auralog (German, French, Italian, and Spanish)
  • Rosetta Stone software (Arabic, Chinese, and Japanese)
  •  An Online collection of audio and video materials in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, English as a Second Language and TOEFL Preparation may be accessed with an ODU MIDAS account at: http://al.odu.edu/llc
  • An extensive collection of feature films and educational films for faculty and students to use in the Center.  
  • Multi-region/multi-standard DVD player

 Center Initiatives


  • Japan Foundation Grant
  • French Telecollaborative Exchange Grant


  • FLAVA Professional Development Worshops
  • ODU Faculty Innovator Grant, iComPADabilty: The Business of Faculty Mentoring and International Language Education with iPads
    • To address the concerns of foreign language enrollments, advanced-level language study, language proficiency, and career choices for foreign languages, this project proposes the iComPADibility Initiative to create and foster mentoring projects using the latest technology (iPad minis and iBooks Author app). This Initiative will create (1) the faculty mentor-student mentee relationship, (2) foster the student peer-peer mentorship and (3) create up-to-date faculty produced textbook materials for language business courses. The innovative technology and practical app features will hone undergraduate research projects and advanced language skills that give ODU students a competitive edge.


  • Teaching with Technology Award
  • ODU Alumni Association Academic Special Project Grant, "Visiting Alumni Lecture Series (VALS)."  Secondary Education in Virginia


  • International Association for Language Learning Technology (IALLT) Showcase Award


  • ODU Faculty Innovator Grant, "Lights, Camera, Action, iMovies!: Student Video Podcasts for Foreign Language and Intercultural Communication."
    • The benefits of academic podcasting technology (audio only) to improve language skills are now documented in research, but little effort to include student-centered video podcasts as iMovies has been explored. Currently, podcasting projects in the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures are focused largely on faculty lectures and passive foreign language learning. This project will remedy this dilemma and advance the academic podcasting technology by preparing students to use the language in meaningful ways, in real life situations (Standards, 2006), by implementing (1) student-centered video podcasting technology and (2) an Online Foreign Language Exchange Community.
  • ODU Alumni Association Academic Special Project Grant, "Visiting Alumni Lecture Series (VALS)."


  • ODU Faculty Innovator Grant, "Broadcast to Podcast, Video to Vodcast: Authentic Materials as Portable Foreign Language Content."
    • This project plans to provide authentic materials as portable language content for all twelve languages offered in the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures. It will be made available to the ODU community and foreign language educators in the Hampton Roads area. SCOLA (Satellite Communications for Learning) broadcasts and authentic Spanish video clips will be converted to podcasts and "vodcasts" for download to portable media devices. The latest developments in podcasting technology will enhance the study of foreign languages and provide a cost effective way to bring authentic materials to our students using MALL (Mobile Assisted Language Learning).
  • ODU Faculty Development Funds, "Beginning French Online: Implementing Distance Language Learning into the Curriculum." 


  • Carnegie Mellon University's "Open Learning Initiative."
  • ODU Faculty Innovator Grant, "iStudy Abroad: Portable Media Technologies to Enhance Language Acquisition and Promote Cultural Competency."
    • The iStudy Abroad Initiative will make significant contributions to the study of foreign languages and the study abroad experience. It will address how ubiquitous technology, portable media in particular, can be used to transform the study-abroad experience with the potential for increasing the number of ODU students going abroad. The ability to interact instantaneously, from anywhere with anyone expands the possibilities for language acquisition and a more successful experience abroad. The Initiative plans to use podcastsand blogs to achieve the goal of community, connectivity, and competency to enhance and promote the study abroad experience.
  • ODU Research Expo, "Academic Podcasting Technology: The Impact on Foreign Language Acquisition."


  • The National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) - Digital Humanities Initiative (DHI), "The Impact of Academic Podcasting: Emerging Technologies for the Foreign Language Classroom."
  • ODU Faculty Innovator Grant, "The Pedagogical Effectiveness of Academic Podcasting: Progressive Technology for Foreign Language Study."
    • The key to achieving proficiency in speaking is developing proficiency in listening comprehension. As a result, it is up to instructors to provide students with essential listening activities as a substantial segment of the L2 curriculum. Academic podcasting technology will support this initiative by providing 24/7-accessibility and portability of the teaching and learning experience that expands the boundaries of the classroom. It will permit restructuring valuable classroom time and converting the popular bipod and other MP3 players into multi-purpose teaching and learning tool that can be used to reinforce class content, improve pronunciation and vocabulary, and improve oral and aural skills.


  • ODU Faculty Innovator Grant, "iPods, Podcasting and Podagogy: The New Generation of Technology for Foreign Language Education." 
    • To continue our tradition and commitment to the study of foreign languages and cultures, the Language Learning Center needs to encourage creative uses of the latest technology that focus on communicative competency, functional language use, and proficiency in the target language. Integrating the academic use of iPods and podcasting in foreign language classes creates a unique opportunity to address oral and aural skills development at any level with an ever popular, practical and portable medium.
  • ODU Faculty Development Funds, "SCOLA: Promoting Cultural Awareness in the Foreign Language Curriculum Through Video-Based Pedagogy."


ODU Faculty Innovator Grant, "From Placement to Proficiency: Online Foreign Language Testing."

Testing for oral and aural competencies still relies on a paper-and-pencil format with outdated audiocassettes and recorders that provide poor sound quality and take considerable time to administer and score. Testing for oral and aural skills, therefore, is impractical and quite often counterproductive. Internet technology has changed this scenario substantially and in an effort to address the concerns of time constraints and obsolescence and place high priority back on the very competencies that we stress in class, I propose administering oral and aural testing via computer. This will facilitate and expedite test administration and evaluation and offer a highly interactive and technologically advanced examination.


ODU Faculty Innovator Grant, "The Effectiveness of Online Foreign Language Learning.


Host of the Mid Atlantic Association for Language Learning Technology Conference at Old Dominion University, April 12-13, "The New Role of the Language Lab: Options for Everyone."


ODU Faculty Innovator Grant, " The "WAV" of the Future: Digital Online Voice Recordings for Upper Level Foreign Language Courses."


ACTFL (the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) Technology Workshop, "Integrating Internet Resources into the Language Curriculum," Saturday, February 24, 2001.


ODU Faculty Innovator Grant to create a Virtual Lab by converting the analog library in the Language Learning Center to a digital service on networked computers where students can access authentic language learning materials for class both on campus or at home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A digital service will create a better means of distributing audio and video to ODU students.

Policies and Procedures 

 Use of the LLC
  • The Language Learning Center is a resource center and classroom committed to the study of foreign languages. The Center is open to ODU students and faculty, as well as the Hampton Roads community.  Please check current hours of operation at: http://al.odu.edu/llc/hours.shtml
    • A valid ODU ID card is required.
    • NO FOOD OR DRINKS are allowed in the Center at any time. NO EXCEPTIONS!


  • LLC Materials
    • The Center provides a variety of materials for students to use in the LLC, including films and software
    • Online materials are available with an ODU MIDAS account at: http://al.edu.edu/llc
    • Faculty members may check out materials from our collection for classroom and preview use. 


  • Classroom Use
    • The Center is available for class use. As such, faculty members must sign up in advance and must accompany their class while using the LLC. An attendant is available to assist you.
    • If the center remains open during a classroom session, students wishing to use the LLC are asked to respect the instructor's classroom atmosphere.

  • Computer Use
    • Computers are only available for foreign language study.
    • Computers are not available for personal use.
    • Software and internet use are strictly for foreign language study.
    • Installing or downloading computer software is prohibited.

  • Please Remember,
    • the Honor Code: "We, the students of Old Dominion University, aspire to be honest and forthright in our academic endeavors. Therefore, we will be guided by the tenets of the Monarch Creed. We will meet the challenge to be beyond reproach in our actions and our words. We will conduct ourselves in a manner that commands the dignity and respect that we also give to others