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Licensure Pre-K through Grade 12

High school teachers of foreign languages are currently in great demand. The Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, in cooperation with the College of Education, offers a strong teacher-preparation program in French, German, or Spanish leading to Virginia State Certification in Secondary Education. Students in this program take thirty hours of foreign language, literature, and civilization courses, and thirty hours of professional courses, including a supervised student teaching experience. For further information, view the Darden College of Education website.

Teaching Licensure Requirements and Deadlines

Requirements to be completed before student teaching (TLED 485)

  • Have been admitted to College of Education (Passing Praxis I scores or equivalent - SAT/ACT) Usually done after completing Lower Division General Education Requirements, declared major and have completed TLED 301. http://education.odu.edu/tes/pages/admission_procedures.shtml

  • Complete all other coursework required for graduation. (FL 452 and 456 are offered in Fall only)

  • Have a QPA of 2.75 overall, in the major (Spanish, French or German) and in the professional education core coursework.

  • No grade less than a C in the major or a C- in the professional education core.

  • Apply for student teaching (Normal Deadlines: August 1 for Spring semester student teaching, February 1 for Fall semester student teaching). Plan Ahead. http://education.odu.edu/tes/pages/teachercandidateresources.shtml 

  • Completion of the VCLA (required for placement in student teaching)

  • Completion of the OPI ACTFL Exam with a Score of Advanced Low or higher. (Required for passing grade in FL456 and placement in student teaching)

  • Take and Pass Praxis II (Required for passing grade in FL456 and placement in student teaching). http://www.ets.org/praxis

  • Take the Wisconsin Achievement Test in the language lab (make an appointment: bfacer@odu.edu ) (Department Assessment)

  • Have an exit interview with Dept. Chair, Dr. Angelica Huizar (ahuizar@odu.edu) (Department Assessment).