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Minor in History

The Minor in History option provides students who enjoy the but have chosen another major an opportunity to enrich their university experience and meet upper level general education requirements at the same time.

Students earn the History Minor through the completion of at least five courses, four of which are at the upper undergraduate (300-400) level, and the fifth course can be any history course from the 100 to 400 level for a total of 15 credit hours. Only 300 / 400 level courses will count toward the GPA for the Minor in History.

Tailor Your Courses

The minor at Old Dominion University allows the student to tailor one's courses around a particular area of history or to select a broad assortment of courses in different areas. Students who are not in professional programs at Old Dominion University must complete a minor if they do not choose a second major, certificate, an interdisciplinary minor or Option D. Students planning to minor in history may decide later to add 21 credits to earn a major in history.

Courses designated History 395 do not satisfy the requirements for a Minor in History.

Transfer Credits Allowed

At least 6 of the 300 / 400 credits required for the Minor must be taken at Old Dominion University. The student must achieve a 2.00 grade point average in all courses taken toward the Minor.

The Department of History offers a wide array of upper-level topics courses. Students may use these topics courses in fulfilling the upper level requirements for the minor. Topics courses offered recently include the following:


These examples are just illustrative. Of course, the regular catalog courses also apply toward the Minor. The LEO on­line schedule for each term will list the wide variety of courses that are offered for that term.

There are many areas upon which the student may focus in planning a Minor in History. One may choose upper-level courses from different eras or geographical regions or aspects of history, or specialize in one period or region or aspect.

How to Register

Students who select the History Minor should register with the History Office and notify their major department and their regular advisor of their decision. Faculty members in the Department are happy to talk with students about course selections and how their minor can be of help to them in their undergraduate study and in their careers. If you have further questions or wish to discuss a Minor in History, please contact Mr. Robert Del Corso, Chief Departmental Advisor, at 757-683-3939 or rdelcors@odu.edu or Sharon Metro at 757-683-3949 or smetro@odu.edu .